Richárd Kelemen Graphic designer


Capillaris is a unique titanium fountain pen designed to stringent performance requirements. Each piece is the sole creation of aerospace engineer Zsolt Pataki. The pen has a continuous outer contour with hexagonal sides reminiscent of a supersonic airfoil, this shape enables it to lay stable on a desk.

The branding was inspired by the flawless design of the writing instrument. The logo mimics the cross-section of the pen, supplemented with a letter "c" as in Capillaris.

Client: Capillaris

The website

The website is a simple landing page, designed in a minimalist mindset, with css animations and basic webshop functions.

The Packaging and Photography

In the photographs the product floats, never touches the ground, referring to the professional background of the designer.

The packaging is made of cardboard with canvas cover, inside you can find a letterpress certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by Zsolt.

The promo poster

The two colored risograph print was created as a promotional print to celebrate the 5 year long development of the pen, it was largely influenced by lathe tool catalogs made in the '80s.

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