Richárd Kelemen Graphic designer

Terrestrial Electronics

There are a lot of guitar effects out there, great ones, many expensive ones and at the same time there is a strong DIY approach to these boxes and usually one can find a lot of layouts for these electronic devices.

We started to clone our favorites as a soldering practice, but all of them had one common concept. Each pedal got its name from a terrestrial or artificial object found in our solar system and in outer space.

Concept & soldering: Richárd Kelemen & Gergő Csicsics
Interface design: Richárd Kelemen
Paintjob: Gergő Csicsics

Every stompbox is black, the only differences are the LED lights and the paint splatter. The signage of the interface is inspired by spacecraft control panels, they are laser-engraved under the layer of lacquer straight into the thin paint.

Branding elements


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